Tuesday, May 27

Another Mommy Victory!!

After a VERY long day at church, Hannah couldn't even keep her eyes open long enough to finish her lunch.

Later, I was praying at bedtime with Linsey, and she started talking in gibberish. I told her how praying is very important and we need to use real words when we talk to God. She replied very seriously, "I know Mommy, I speak angel."

Thursday, May 22

From the Mouths of Toddlers...

Songs from Linsey:

Mary had a little lamb...its fleece would slide in snow.
Tell me the story of Jesus, write on my cart every word...

Favorite Quotes:
Daddy, you skate like Rodney Mullen!
You're a very good mommy, you know that? And you know what else? You're a good cooker too!

(Playing Candyland)
Q: Linsey, how do you always get double squares on your cards?
A: I just cheat,that's all.

Hannah's New Words
TJ, done, more, this, shoe (she loves shoes! She'll find one of Linsey's and carry it around all day.)

Chan's Mall Adventure


She made it out alive, but just barely! After ducking twice to escape the earring gun, the lady finally pinned Chan down and gave her two beautiful holes in her head. Can you believe we actually pay people to do this? Anyway, it's done, and she's slowly getting over the trauma...
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Saturday, May 17


can be your best friend, or your worst enemy...I've tried several times to update this blog over the past couple of weeks, with no luck. Hoping today goes better! Hannah has decided the best place to be is on Daddy's lap, and she can be found there most of the time. She'll settle for Chan or Michelle, but Daddy's the best! He just got home about an hour ago from an overnight conference, and Hannah hasn't let him put her down yet...surprisingly, Hannah being so snuggly makes Linsey more affectionate too...it's a two-for-one deal!!
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