Friday, September 25

Let your conscience be heard

The other day I asked Hannah to come help me with something in the kitchen, and she replied with a whine. Linsey immediately jumped in, lecturing her: "Hannah, you need to help Mommy in the kitchen so you know how to cook when you get a husband!" Then she smiled sweetly at me, "Right, Mom?"

Then today I "overheard" Hannah talking to herself in the kitchen very sternly: "Hanny Gwace! Don't you do that, Hanny Gwace (Hannah Grace)!" Maybe some of my lessons are sinking in after all!!

Thursday, September 17

Lovin' Life with Linsey

First trip to Claire's Boutique yielded fake nails that lasted about 10 minutes :)
Future runway model at Santa Monica Pier
Chan came to see us for about a week, it was great!

Linsey is such a little mommy! She wants to be just like me, and Hannah wants to be just like her. How cute is that? The other day, she looked at me very brightly and said out of the blue, "Don't worry, Mommy, Daddy and I will take care of you when you're old!" Then she thought for a minute and said, "I guess when Daddy gets old, me and Hannah can take care of both of you."

Sunday, September 6

Crazy About Hannah

Random facts about Hannah:
She has learned to count and recognize her numbers from homeschooling with Linsey.
She is the life of the party and keeps us all in stitches, especially Daddy.
She is Linsey's shadow, biggest fan, and best copycat.
She loves giving hugs, but they may knock you over!
She LOVES being in front of the camera.
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