Saturday, July 21

Remember When...

 Ten years ago, we thought we knew everything about each other, about parenting, about the world. About 2 weeks later, we realized we didn't have a clue - but we were together, and that made everything all right.

As soon as we got the routine of "us" down pat, Baby #1 came along and threw us into a tailspin again. Diapers, midnight feedings, and laundry abounded. But we were together, and that made everything all right.

Baby #2 made us wonder why we thought having one was so hard...

 And by the third we were just plain exhausted. But we were together, and that made everything all right.

For better for worse,  for cheesy, for poor...

 You light up our home, you bring laughter into so many situations -

And I know that no matter what, everything is going to be all right when we're together.

Because no matter where we are, no matter what we're eating doing...

You never fail to make me feel like the luckiest girl alive.

I love you with all my heart, happy anniversary! 
Thanks for joining me on this amazing adventure we call our life.

Sunday, July 15

Summer Fun Zone

Stuck? Who's stuck?
 Some people may feel, well, stuck in the desert heat, but we've managed to keep pretty busy  - and have a lot of fun - this summer! So busy that my blog has completely gone to the back burner as we swim nearly every day at the local pool and go on countless adventures... isn't that what summer's all about? Here's a recap to catch you up...

We've played dress up and been people from all over the world,

And found out that Nattie has a passion for stickers.

We went on adventure one day to a small nearby town with 200 people and drank from their hundred year old soda fountain. Root beer floats, anyone?

We've made several trips to the park in the early morning - any later than about 10am and the equipment is too hot to use, no kidding! 

 But mostly, we've just enjoyed being together, and that's a big part of summer for us :)

Stay tuned for more summer fun!
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