Monday, June 30



Chan took this picture, it's one of the few I have where both girls are actually looking at the camera!! They're starting to play together a lot more, which means more time to get things done around the house for Mommy - yea! The Corders left today, we had a great time and miss them already. Have a good week!
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Monday, June 23

The Park



Kristin Homer and I took the kids to the park a couple of weeks ago, before the seats started to melt in the sun...Hannah and Caleb both loved the swings, it's a good thing there were two! And Linsey is officially a big girl, she can pump all by herself. How old are they when that starts working for more than like 10 seconds?
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Saturday, June 21

Our Garden Babies

Linsey has undertaken the challenging task of helping me keep our flowers alive in the 100+ weather this summer. We call the lavender plants we bought at 2 inches high our "babies" - so far three have died, not such a good track record but I seem to do better with live babies! Phew...oh, and here's Sheilah, our goose, and Shelly-Chan, our turtle.
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