Sunday, April 7

If I Could Keep You Little...

Dear Nattie,

As my youngest, my heart is torn watching you grow up. I love it - and I hate it. I love that you're getting more independent and doing more of those things "the big girls do,"

And I hate that this means you don't need me as much as you used to.

I love that you're old enough to have your own style -

But I hate that it often conflicts with mine (and that of mainstream society!)

"Mo-om, I'm ready for school!"

So after much thought, I've decided: if you will agree to stay little, just for an extra decade or two - here are some of the perks I can promise you:

You will be able to eat all the chocolate you want and never gain weight (trust me, this is a big one!!)

You'll never get too big to sleep with your candy cane Christmas blanket, which you've slept with every night since you stole it from Linsey's room as a baby. (she didn't mind!)

Additionally, I promise to buy you a lollipop (your favorite candy) every time I go to the store, no questions asked...

...And the best part? You'll never grow out of your lion costume!! (Though I'll still need to wash it sometimes)

I promise to love you either way, and to make the most of every day I get to watch you grow, but I've gotta ask...Nattie, do we have a deal?


Your Adoring Mom

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