Sunday, December 26

Need Your Help

What do you think for a caption - "Potty Training 101" or "What's Cookin'?"  
Leave me a note and let me know!!

Thursday, December 23

At Our House

"At Our House"

~At our house...

Phrases like "Don't make me use my superpowers!"

and "Ew, don't lick your shoe!" are commonplace.

~At our house...
Years and height are both measured in birthdays - as in, "Wow, in like 50 more birthdays, I'll be as tall as the refrigerator!"

~At our house...
We look to see if our tummies are full, but we try not to look when we hear, "Guess what?! There's a surprise in my panties!"

~At our house...

We prefer Christmas carols like "Go, Tumble Down the Mountain" and "Part the Hair of Angels Sing" over the traditional ones.

~At our house...
 We believe anything is possible, and we stick together, no matter what!

Merry Christmas, from our house to yours!!

Friday, December 10

Ever wonder...

What are they thinking?!?

My conclusion:  Sometimes, you just don't wanna know!!

Wednesday, December 1

Vacation, Vacation

Phew!  We recently got back from a week-long vacation in Phoenix, AZ.  There were days of shopping, going to the zoo, and, of course, eating! We had such a great time with our extended family, I wanted to share a few of our favorite photos:

 Hope you have a great day!!
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