Wednesday, November 17

Return of the Jedi

Attention, all Younglings!  Your Jedi Master-Mama is trying to write a blog about how adorable you are, meanwhile leaving you unsupervised.  That means it's time for some...

Web spinnin',
Garbage pickin',
 Mess makin',
 Hummus eatin' fun!!

Warning:  There may be photo evidence of your crimes later!
Happy Wednesday! (Now you can see why I don't blog as often as I'd like!)

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Wordful Wednesday Blog Hop

Thursday, November 11

Lessons I Learned from My Kids

#1 - Even superwoman needs a break sometimes.

#2 - Never underestimate the power of a Band Aid.

#3 - It's okay to stand out in a crowd.

#4 - You'll get a lot more done if you're not so worried about what others think.

#5 - Everyone has bad days.

#6 - Be who you want your children to become.

Have a great day!!

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