Wednesday, January 26

Personal Message from Steve Jobs

At Apple, keeping in touch is what we're all about. 

*We <3 our Apple iPhones!*

Monday, January 17

It's Monday.

I haven't written a miscellaneous post in ages, and my randomness has been adding up:

1.  My oldest is growing up too fast, and she loves it.  Her favorite expression is, "I haven't done that since I was five!" The only thing is, her birthday was just last week!  She lost her first tooth this morning, and I was surprised to feel a little sad and nostalgic.  I mean, I'm the one who saw that tooth finally popping through when she was 9 months old, and I was so proud! Now she's the proud one, and the tooth is in a baggie under her pillow...
 Her self-confidence is amazing.  She saw this picture and gasped, "Don't I look prettier than I was before?!"

2.  Dinner Fail:  I had a crazy-busy day yesterday, even busier than usual for a Sunday, so in the morning I put a package of tortillas in the cool oven to thaw for a quick dinner.  Then, later at the store, I decided to grab some pizzas because we were having company.  I rushed home, preheated the oven to 425, and didn't even think about the tortillas until I smelled something akin to a melting Barbie doll.  Don't ask me how I know what melting Barbie smells like, just take my word for it...and always check the oven before turning it on :)  

3.  My three-year old, Hannah, has fashion "no how."  She either wears one color from top to bottom ("I match, Mama!") or she looks like this:

4.  I'm determined to read the Bible through this year - usually I get midway through and I become impatient, so I start doing my own Bible studies, rereading books I really like, etc.  (which is ok, I just want to finish what I start for once!)  and YouVersion have some great plans if you're interested.

5. I overheard a conversation between my girls yesterday that made me smile. "Well, I'll give you one more chance.  And then, I'll turn you into a GOON!"  Hannah sighed, "Ok, ok, I'll stop touching you!!"  I thought about going in there and reminding Hannah that Linsey couldn't really turn her into a goon, but, being a little sister myself, I know she'll figure things out soon enough.  In the meantime, I'll let Linsey enjoy her reign.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Thursday, January 13

Happy Birthday, Linsey!

I walked right into it.  After surviving (and enjoying!) the busy Christmas season, I just didn't have the energy to throw Linsey a super-mega birthday party two weeks later, like we've done the past couple of years.  So I casually mentioned to her that maybe we could get a couple of her friends together to go to the movies and possibly sleep over. Well, a couple became three, then four, then six little kids in all...and I just had to write about our fun, in honor of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:"

If You Take Six Kids to the Movies

If you take six kids to the movies, they'll probably want to order some popcorn (a BIG one!).

If you divide the large popcorn evenly among six kids, you're going to need to get the free refill.

If you refill the large popcorn and continue to let the kids eat to their heart's content, they're going to be thirsty. Really thirsty.

If they get thirsty, you're either going to have to cough up a lot more money for soda, or fill up their six popcorn cups with water one at a time, which will take for-e-ver.

Once they've had a drink, they'll probably want some more popcorn (in the same cup).

If they want more popcorn, they will ultimately want more water, and on the cycle goes.

If you give six kids more water just so they'll stop asking, they'll eventually have to go to the bathroom.

And once you've taken six kids to the bathroom, you've probably missed most of the movie. But no one else noticed, and you don't really mind.

If you go to McDonald's afterwards, they'll probably be too full of popcorn to eat a Happy Meal, but you'll order them each one anyway, because they want the neat-looking toys.

But even if they're full of popcorn and playing with toys, six kids can still sing Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs, and eat lots of cake.

And if six kids eat lots of cake, they're going to crash on the way home (ok, I was lucky).

And if they crash on the way home, and you actually make it home in one tattered piece...

ALWAYS remember to put the leftover birthday cake out of the baby's reach!! 

And if they had even half as much fun as you did, they're going to ask if you'll take six kids to the movies again next year! And maybe McDonald's, too =)

Monday, January 10

The Definition of a Mom describes mother as: "a female parent."  
    That's all we get in the dictionary! Not, death-defying life-bringer, supernanny, premier chef, free chauffeur...just "female parent." So I've taken the liberty of making up a few of my own words to describe our job, words that really should be a part of our English language:

Mamanucleosis – the permanent feeling of exhaustion often associated with being a mother.

Momniscience – the belief small children hold that their mothers know everything; this usually fades away well before the teenage years

Mamachromatic – the color palette of a mother’s wardrobe after giving birth, mainly blacks and grays

Cinemama –the entertaining of young children at the doctor’s office or in a long line without the convenient use of electronics

Mamagram – love notes written on napkins and put in children’s lunchboxes

Momster – what mothers turn into when their children come out of their rooms after bedtime

Premommition – the ability of a mother to foresee what will happen when her child stands at the top of the stairs in a Superman costume or attempts to flush an orange down the toilet

Mamaphone – the mode a mother’s speech morphs into in order to be heard throughout the entire house

Sermoms – a collection of repeated lectures for standard misbehavior

Mamalogue –the conversation SAHM’s carry with themselves throughout their day in an attempt for adult conversation

Momnipresence – the ability of mothers to be in at least two places at once, this precedes the growth of extra limbs
Momsilectomy – the removal of a woman’s sanity, usually extracted at the onset of labor

Mommopoly – the mother’s trump card: “Everything you have belongs to ME!”

Mamalicious – translated: one hot mama!

 You can see the obvious affects of parenting in this before/after picture =)

Sunday, January 9

Winter, California Style

The girls and I were praying for snow, so we were thrilled to get about an inch or so last week!  Our local school was even called off because there were no snow plows - Linsey was only slightly disappointed to find out that home school was still in session :) Here are some of our favorite pics: 

"Winter is a time for...


and smiling...

for snowmen...

and snow angels...

and for some snow eatin',

blanket wearin',

Daddy-snugglin' fun!"

Happy winter, everyone!  Enjoy it, you'll thaw out soon enough =)

Thursday, January 6

True Love's Kiss

"Mama, Grandma and Grandpa sure love each other," Linsey, our 5-year old, said out of the blue one day.

"Yes, honey, they sure do," I replied.

"Sometimes I even see them kiss!" she added, giggling.  Then she thought for a minute, "But I see you and Daddy kiss a lot more than they do."

"Well, Daddy and I are younger than they are.  Plus, you're around us a lot more - you see Daddy and me all the time!"

"Yeah," she interrupted, "And you want us to see what true love looks like, for when we grow up and get married, right??"


I've thought about that little conversation so many times this past week.  The profound thoughts that come from our kids...the fact that they understand so much more than we think they do.  But mostly, the realization that my little girl is intentionally looking to US to see what true love looks like!!  And what she learns from our marriage will have a huge impact on the kind of marriage she has one day.

While I'm not nearly ready to think about my little girl getting married (glad I have a few years!), this conversation has inspired me lately.  When I'm tempted to lose my temper or complain about something, a little voice inside me whispers, "Is this what true love looks like?  Do you really want your kids to remember this about you?"  

I know they won't remember me as the perfect mom - I wouldn't even want them to try!  But by God's grace, I do hope to show them a little bit of what true love looks like, by loving my husband and family the way God loves me...completely and unconditionally.

And by showering them with lots of kisses :)

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