Tuesday, April 29

Happy Mommy Moments

Celebrating the small successes in life...

1. Linsey has learned that she must stay in her bed until she sees an 8 on her clock in the morning (we taped off the last 2 numbers!)

2. The girls have started playing together, rather than Hannah crying whenever she sees Linsey...

3. The Legos were put away, and no one has missed them...

4. Hannah has stopped launching her food off her high chair when she's done eating.

5. Linsey can get herself completely dressed, as long as nothing is inside out. One negative - the other day I came in and she had changed from her pretty dress to a tutu and high heels!

Monday, April 28

Anyone for a ride?

Tom got a new skateboard last week, so all the girls piled on for a ride..

PS I also got a cute video I'll try to upload tomorrow...

Thursday, April 24

A Happy Hello from Our House to Yours

Happy Friday to all, and to all a good night!!
I'm realizing that I try to change too much stuff at once on this page - it's like a total upheaval every couple of weeks. Now that the girls aren't growing quite so fast, we just don't take quite as many pictures. Maybe when Hannah has more hair...

Anyway, I'll try to keep posting new stuff and keep some stuff the same, just so I can do it a little more often. I know ya'll just want to hear about our wonderful, exciting lives, even when there aren't 40 pictures to prove it. :0)

Friday, April 11

Piano Lessons

We decided to start Hannah a little early on piano lessons, and she's doing beautifully, as you can see. (Check out our exclusive video!) She has a natural, delicate touch and plays mostly by ear, though sight reading is coming soon. We tried the harmonica first as it's a smaller instrument, but she ate it...

Friday, April 4

Linsey's First Haircut

Aunt Michelle gave Linsey her first haircut on Saturday - pictures are coming!! Linsey had more than enough candy to keep her still the whole time, and she hasn't stopped looking in the mirror all week. Women!!
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