Saturday, January 26

Working Mom, Part I: Office Supplies

As you may know, I've recently transitioned from works-from-home(schooling) mom to full-time working mom who put all 3 of her kids in school for the first time within 2 weeks of each other. (I don't recommend that, by the way, it was mildly traumatic!)

While I am pleased with how this transition has played out, and my husband seems happy with it as well, Linsey, who is 8 going on 35, is not as impressed with my office job. We were watching a reality TV show recently about people who worked in a cupcake bakery that were making a 1,000-cupcake replica of a Mardi Gras mask, when she quipped, "Wow, Mom, aren't you glad you don't have to do that kind of hard stuff at your work? All you have to do is type." And I immediately thought, Yeah, tell that to my boss!

Although my becoming an executive assistant has yet to impress her, there are a few perks at our office that she admits are "pretty cool:"

  • A popcorn machine that puts microwave popcorn to shame,

    • An Atari, (which occupied her for about 15 minutes)

    "So all you can do is run back and forth, that's it?!" Linsey asked incredulously. 

    "Look," I said, "This was one of THE first video game systems. Ever. They've come a long way since then, but this started it all - the Wii, the PlayStation, XBox..."

    "Oooh, so it's old!"

    "No. It's RETRO." (Which is, in fact a cool way of saying, "Yes, it's old.")

    • We also have a gigantic exercise ball that doubles as a chair in my friend's office,  
    • Big whiteboards with a rainbow of colors for the kids to draw with,
    • And, most importantly, the shredder. 
    When Linsey walked into my office for the first time, she gasped, "You have a SHREDDER? That is SO cool! Can I... can I please shred something?" Kids.. you just never know with them!

    Hannah, on the other hand, thinks our office is the coolest place in the world.

     When she spent half a day with me at work because she was feeling under the weather and my boss was out of town, I wasn't sure she would ever go back to school. "I feel like I'm at the movies!" she giggled. I guess I wouldn't go that far, but it is a pretty great place to work!

    So while a lot about our lives has changed lately, some things are still the same: We still love each other like crazy, we find humor in the everyday happenings around us, and we're always busy making crazy memories together! Stay tuned for more adventures :)

    Love my girlies!!

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