Sunday, January 20

More Cute Stuff from Linsey (this weekend)

1) "Mommy, can we snuggle and you sing 'Rock a My Baby'?"

2) (about a random boy) "I don't know his name...Let's call him Ronnie!"

3) (looking at pix of teen group) "My, he certainly has an ugly face, don't you think so, Mommy?"

4) (to Mommy) "Hey, Mister, you get back here - I need you!"

Monday, January 14

In the Headlines
Here's Linsey baking her first sugar cookies, thanks to Gramma Cyndi's "sprinkle" gift!
Other News
Well, we have a wonderful new addition in our backyard - a trampoline! Linsey and Hannah both love it, and Mommy gets some exercise too. Chan is back in school after a l-o-n-g break, and Linsey went to her first basketball game to watch Chan play on Friday. We're going to Disneyland next month, Chan's one request in coming to America. Hope you're all doing well!

P.S. Forgive me for not posting too often - as you can see, my life is just not all that exciting!

Tuesday, January 8

Linsey's Thoughts on her Birthday
For the past week, Linsey has gotten up each day and gone to the closet where she knew her presents were, asking excitedly, "Is it my dirthday yet?"
"No, Linsey, it's not your birthday."
Finally on Saturday (1/5), she hopped out of bed and ran for the presents, exclaiming, "Guess what, Mom? Today's January 8th!" Clever, I know, but still not her birthday...

Monday: When asked how old she was, she thought for a minute, then replied "Today I'm 2 1/2, but tomorrow I'm gonna be 4!"

Tuesday: "It's your birthday today! Do you know what that means?"
"Yeah, it means I get lots of presents!!"
In addition to "lots of presents" (and there were!), we made a ladybug birthday cake and had a wonderful little party, and Linsey went to sleep singing "Happy Dirthday" to herself.

Saturday, January 5

Fact: Stay-at-home mommies work at least as hard as their husbands do.

Exhibit A: Thanks, Grandma Jean, for the makeup!!

Exhibit B: Thanks, Daddy, for "keeping an eye on me!"

I rest my case!

Thursday, January 3

Read me!

If you have visited before and not been able to leave a comment, I think I fixed that. Please feel free to say anything nice you want to about my kids!

Quick News

"When I get taller, then I'm gonna get a husband!" - Linsey

Hannah took her first step to Aunt Michelle on December 30 at 9 1/2 months!
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