Thursday, August 20

We had a ball today, taking pictures in the "big sister, little sister" shirts. I took more than 40 pictures just to get about 3 that are keepers! Thank goodness for digital cameras. The girls still get so excited every day to see each other - they hug every morning like they'd been separated for a week, and they sleep in the same room! Now we all go into my room when Natalie gets up and snuggle on the bed together. We love having little girls!!

Wednesday, August 19

Make Believe

Linsey and Hannah both LOVE pretending! They dress up at least every other day or so. Linsey was home from church because of a fever but felt ok, so she asked me if she could watch Star Wars and dress up. Whenever Darth Vader came on the screen, she yelled, "Hey, that's me!"

The other picture was taken when she crawled under the top of our guinea pig cage as we were cleaning out the bottom. She just fit, till Hannah tried to crawl in too!
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