Saturday, January 24

Linsey's Princess Birthday Party

Princess Cake - I had some help with this one!
Birthday girl on the runway
Four year olds trying to curtsy
All of the birthday guests playing musical cushions

Here are a few highlights from Linsey's birthday party a couple of weeks ago - we had a great time doing the girls' hair, makeup, nails, and dressing them up. It was a hit!
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Friday, January 16

The girls received oodles of dress up clothes for Christmas, and they are both enjoying them! Hannah doesn't quite get what the big deal is, but she loves to do anything her sister does.
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Saturday, January 3

Let it Snow!

The week before Christmas, we got about 5 inches of snow that stayed for three days! The roads were a mess, school was canceled, doctors were closed - it was more snow than our area has had for about 35 years! The girls enjoyed playing in it, and we took plenty of pictures so they'll remember their almost white Christmas.
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