Tuesday, March 11

My Little Bookworm

It seems Hannah has found her true passion - books! Upside down, right side up, mashed with bananas, she can't get enough of them. For the record, I didn't let her do this, but she kept herself occupied for a VERY long time in her room, and finally my glee was overshadowed by my curiosity, so I went to check on her. Like any good mom, I skipped the lecture and went straight for the camera!

Thursday, March 6

Today in a nutshell

Quote for the day (as I leave Linsey in the shower for a minute to do something):
"Let me know if I need anything!"

Highlight of the day: jumping on the trampoline - Hannah walked on trampoline for the first time, very proud of herself :)

Daddy's special surprise: Linsey helped Mommy clean the house ALL morning!

Event of the day for Linsey: learning to count objects and earning raisins

Event of the day for Mommy: I started a new ladies' Bible study on "Lies Women Believe," a book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Very good book!

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and bagels
Lunch: BLTs and tomato soup
Dinner: Fajitas, fried potatoes, rice

I wanted to post something but really had very little exciting happen today. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 5

Linsey on Disneyland

"Did you like meeting Mickey?"
- No, he was scary! I almost cried.

"Did you like the 3-D movie?"
- No, it was so scary! I screamed.

"Do you want to meet Woody or Goofy?"
- No way! They're too scary!

"Did you like the roller coaster?"
- No, it was too scary!

"What did you like about Disneyland?"
- The princesses...next time, can I be a princess too?

Linsey's thought for the day: "If Minnie and Mickey are married, why do they have separate houses?"

Hannah Learns to Share

Hannah and I had a wonderful brief trip to Chicago to see my parents. It was great to see everyone, and Hannah and Berkeley (their dog) found they have similar food interests. Berkeley ate Hannah's food, and Hannah ate Berkeley's! We missed everyone here terribly and were thrilled to get back - thanks Chan and Michelle for taking such good care of Daddy and Linsey!
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