Wednesday, August 31

Family Vacation, Take I

Summer is...

a time to have some of those important "firsts" in your life,


and rekindle friendships, some old... (no offense, Mom!)

... some new.

It's a time to gaze in wonder at God's creation,

And learn some important lessons as you do.

Summer is a time for family bonding,

for wading in the pond-ing,

And just plain ol' summertime fun!!

Enjoy the last of these summer days!!

Saturday, August 27

First Week of School

First Day of School Outfits :)
This last month of summer has absolutely flown by! I have some amazing pics of our family vacation to AZ that I will post later, but vacation was quickly overshadowed by the start of school about 4 days later. (We homeschool - my oldest is enrolled in an online virtual charter academy called K12, click here for a post on that). Here are a few snapshots from this week that remind me of why I love teaching my kids:

~ There's nothing like teaching your kids something and watching their eyes light up as they "get it." This is Hannah's first official pre-school year, and we are using the "Letter of the Week" method (I get lots of ideas here). She gets so excited, and that makes me love teaching her even more!

Natalie sorting out her blocks by color

~ We teamed up with some good friends for homeschooling this year, and they are doing fantastic in their first year. One thing the kids love: Learning outside when it's nice!

~ Between the two of us mommies, we are responsible for 7 kiddos, three of whom are under 3! So we have had several "field trips" to the thrift store to find learning center/ quiet time activities (the racket wasn't one we picked!!) I love field trips that involve shopping!

  ~ And the best part of school starting again, our kiddos are so tired at the end of the day that they actually look forward to bedtime! As much as you can when you're a kid, anyway...

Monday, August 8

Why I Love Being a Mom: #3 Bedtime


Now at first this may sound cruel, Do you only like your kids while they're sleeping? Let me assure you this is not the case. They're just so...peaceful. And still. And...clean. After a long day, seeing my kids sleeping angelically in their beds reminds me of just how precious they are, and what a gift God has given me. It even makes me miss them a little bit when they sleep in!

Plus, they're just so cute when they're asleep! Seriously, I have been known to flip on their light and snap a pic at midnight.

And you know what else I love about bedtime? BEDHEAD!!

Friday, August 5

Fun School

Contrary to what some of my pictures may tell you, we really have been productive this summer. Once in awhile I'll go into teacher mode and call it "Fun School." Mostly though, we go on little adventures or just learn through the activities we do:

~ My parents taught me to respect and learn from those older than I was, and I want to teach the same to my daughters. So very regularly, we walk around our neighborhood and visit different elderly friends, many of whom are church members.

~The kids have been on a greedy kick lately (more on that later), so we are letting them earn their own money by sorting cans and bottles for recycling. Great for the environment and our pockets too!

~ Hannah wants to help in the kitchen all the time! Here she is at her grandma's house washing dishes.

~ And finally, after a busy summer, they're learning the value of a job well done. :)

Tuesday, August 2

The Art of Femininity

Since we've had a little extra time this school break, we've decided it's time to teach Nattie the ways of a woman. They're never too young to start! Here's what we've been working on this past month:

1. Make sure your skin is protected at all times.


2. It will seem like there is less laundry to fold 
if you put on more clothes while folding.

3. However, there really will be less laundry if you simply don't wear anything.

4. Costco is a girl's best friend.

5. Men like it when you share with them. 
Especially if it's water, and you get it right in their eyes.

6. You can't put a price tag on fun!!

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