Thursday, March 6

Today in a nutshell

Quote for the day (as I leave Linsey in the shower for a minute to do something):
"Let me know if I need anything!"

Highlight of the day: jumping on the trampoline - Hannah walked on trampoline for the first time, very proud of herself :)

Daddy's special surprise: Linsey helped Mommy clean the house ALL morning!

Event of the day for Linsey: learning to count objects and earning raisins

Event of the day for Mommy: I started a new ladies' Bible study on "Lies Women Believe," a book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Very good book!

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and bagels
Lunch: BLTs and tomato soup
Dinner: Fajitas, fried potatoes, rice

I wanted to post something but really had very little exciting happen today. Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. I agree that the book you are using is a good one.

    Tell Linsey that she NEEDS more gramma kisses! ;)

    Glad to hear that everyone is well, again.

    Gramma Cyndi


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