Tuesday, April 29

Happy Mommy Moments

Celebrating the small successes in life...

1. Linsey has learned that she must stay in her bed until she sees an 8 on her clock in the morning (we taped off the last 2 numbers!)

2. The girls have started playing together, rather than Hannah crying whenever she sees Linsey...

3. The Legos were put away, and no one has missed them...

4. Hannah has stopped launching her food off her high chair when she's done eating.

5. Linsey can get herself completely dressed, as long as nothing is inside out. One negative - the other day I came in and she had changed from her pretty dress to a tutu and high heels!


  1. Don't you love those small victories!

    I especially love to watch them play and have fun together.

  2. Those are all great moments!


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