Tuesday, January 8

Linsey's Thoughts on her Birthday
For the past week, Linsey has gotten up each day and gone to the closet where she knew her presents were, asking excitedly, "Is it my dirthday yet?"
"No, Linsey, it's not your birthday."
Finally on Saturday (1/5), she hopped out of bed and ran for the presents, exclaiming, "Guess what, Mom? Today's January 8th!" Clever, I know, but still not her birthday...

Monday: When asked how old she was, she thought for a minute, then replied "Today I'm 2 1/2, but tomorrow I'm gonna be 4!"

Tuesday: "It's your birthday today! Do you know what that means?"
"Yeah, it means I get lots of presents!!"
In addition to "lots of presents" (and there were!), we made a ladybug birthday cake and had a wonderful little party, and Linsey went to sleep singing "Happy Dirthday" to herself.

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  1. Well "Happy Dirthday, Linsey!" She's gotten so big! Lots more hair than when I last saw her.

    Many good wishes and prayers for the next year, Linsey! God bless!


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