Tuesday, March 22

Living What They Learn

As parents, we know our kids will grow up to become just like us (more on that in this post), so I wanted to share a few values I'm trying to teach my three little mamas-in-training:

~Look for the good in unexpected places~

 ~Don't be afraid to try new things...~

~...but always ask permission first!~
Failed haircut attempt

~It's okay to cry~

 ~Family is forever. Be there for each other~

And, most importantly...

~Always, always, always be yourself!!~ 

Question: What values are important for you to pass on to your kids?


  1. Adorable pictures...

    I find myself saying to my two-year-old "be nice to X" often... so maybe be nice to others!

  2. Adorable. Love the sentiments and those bangs. Made me smile. We've had a few instances like that around here.

  3. I think being honest and having integrity are the two big ones we try to teach our kids.

    Had to LOL at the failed haircut. Oh my!

  4. Beautiful photos of your loves.

    I agree with the values you teach.

    One of mine is that we will always be a family and that's why its worth it to try loving and forgiving and understanding and being a blessing to each other.


  5. I'm trying to teach the same values to Princess Nagger. The haircut cracked me up - we had that happen here once! ;)

    WW: Creative Play


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