Wednesday, July 9

Best Buds

For my birthday (July 4) this year, I threw myself a party- at least, that's what Tom says. That's right! I was tired of throwing myself a pity-party because no one was over for my birthday, and my husband does not believe national holidays that are also his wife's birthday are any reason to have time off, so he always works a full day. (That sounds much more sarcastic than my original intent, but moving on...)

Anyway, after my pity-party last year, I asked him if we could have a cookout this year, like we always had growing up. He said sure, as long as I did the inviting, so we had a couple of church families over for a cookout. One of them didn't even know it was my birthday, and THAT WAS GREAT! I just didn't want to be alone only person over 4 in my house all day on my birthday. This is a picture of Linsey with Jordan, the 2 1/2 year old who came over for my non-birthday party. They have been in the nursery together since Jordan was born, and they are great friends. Then we watched fireworks in the evening at a great show about half an hour from here. It was a wonderful day!!

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