Thursday, August 21

Taking Flight

When Linsey begged me for the $2.49 butterfly wings, I agreed with little reluctance in my mind. What could go wrong? She anxiously waited until we got home, asking at each stop if she could please put her wings on. When we finally got home, she excitedly pulled open the package and put the wings on. She got an expectant look on her face, closed her eyes, and jumped really high twice in a row. Then her eyes popped open, and with a surprised look on her face and a trembling voice, she said, "Mama, how come they don't work? How come I can't fly?" Those innocent eyes were toooooo much for me. I sat for about 30 seconds, trying not to laugh out loud and biting my lip. Growing more desperate, she repeated over and over, "How come I can't fly?" Never had it crossed my mind that Linsey expected to be able to fly with her new butterfly wings!

Finally regaining my composure, I explained that God didn't make people to fly like birdies, but we could pretend that she could. Slightly disappointed, she recovered quite quickly from the shock and settled for flying around the yard when Daddy came home from work to lift her up. Kids these days!!!
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