Thursday, September 4

All Packed Up...

and ready to go! It seems the girls have the packing ability of their mother - they don't want to leave the house without about 3 bags apiece, all filled with random things "just in case" they need them. I guess the nesting instinct starts early in some women!! We have been having a ball in the slightly cooler weather (90's as opposed to 100's), taking more walks and making trips to the local stores.

We also had our first "field trip" last week to the fairgrounds about an hour from here. We went with a local homeschooling group; they said I could tag along whenever I wanted to kind of get my feet wet with the whole thing. (Linsey and I are starting "school" a few days a week because she really wants to learn!) The girls absolutely LOVED the animals, and neither of them were the slightest bit afraid. Even Hannah had fun feeding the goats out of her hand. It was a special school days time, so there were lots of educational exhibits but no rides or junk food - you can't get much better than that!!
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