Wednesday, February 4

Never Sits Still

This one keeps me on my toes! Very helpful, very sincere, very sensitive...very, very active!! As long as I give her something constructive to do, there's no trouble. It's when I need to get something done and giver her a little space that the adventures begin! So Hannah has become my shadow in recent days...wherever I go, she goes; whatever I do, she does! The arrangement slows me down a bit but gives me much less to clean up :)

Small consolation - We ran a lot of places last month, so we had sitters for the girls a few times. Within a week's time, I had two different families from church tell me - "She's great, but she's never still! She even paced while she was playing with toys. I don't know how you keep up with her!" That made me feel a little better, but also a little curious about how I'm going to get anything done once I have three of these beautiful girls!!
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  1. I can't give you any more advice than-have fun!!!! It's lots of fun!

    Today I wanted a giant hamster wheel...


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