Friday, August 5

Fun School

Contrary to what some of my pictures may tell you, we really have been productive this summer. Once in awhile I'll go into teacher mode and call it "Fun School." Mostly though, we go on little adventures or just learn through the activities we do:

~ My parents taught me to respect and learn from those older than I was, and I want to teach the same to my daughters. So very regularly, we walk around our neighborhood and visit different elderly friends, many of whom are church members.

~The kids have been on a greedy kick lately (more on that later), so we are letting them earn their own money by sorting cans and bottles for recycling. Great for the environment and our pockets too!

~ Hannah wants to help in the kitchen all the time! Here she is at her grandma's house washing dishes.

~ And finally, after a busy summer, they're learning the value of a job well done. :)

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  1. Found your blog through Miller Racing Family. The fact that you are a pastor's wife stuck out to me right away! :) My husband is also a pastor. Your blog is great. I'll be adding it to my blog list.


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