Friday, March 16

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

"Holy cow! It's MY birthday!!"

Today my middle daughter turns 5. "I'm getting all the little out of me now, Mama... that means I won't get in trouble all day!" She pauses and carefully adds, "Well, Mama, at least I'll try to be good!" My little tenderheart, she rarely gets into trouble, at least on purpose. Her quirky personality and take on the world keep us laughing morning and night.

When I need help, Hannah always comes to my rescue.

A bit more reserved than her sisters, she "gets a little nervous" meeting new 
people but is very perceptive to others' needs,

and she has the natural ability to make people smile.

She works hard at school and does very well,

and she has an affinity for all things girly.

Armed with her own sense of style and charm,

 if there is hope of anyone triumphing over evil in this world...
it's my Hannah!

Happy birthday, Hannah! We love you!

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