Monday, May 28

Miscellany Monday 501

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! We are headed off to a church picnic in a couple hours, but here's what we've been up to:

1) We did it, we did it, yay!! (Can you tell Dora is on in the front room?)  Despite a 9-day trip to China, Tom's hernia surgery, and numerous other distractions, Linsey finished her schooling on May 11, two weeks ahead of schedule! Her final unit in science was on the human body - let's just say I don't think she'll be going into the medical field in the near future! "That's disgusting!" was a phrase I heard often, but she did learn something, because the other day she came to me with a pathetic voice, "Mom, my esophagus is hurting. I think I need some medicine!"

2) This is Nattie, my adorable, devilishly stubborn almost 3-year old. We bought her these "sparkly shoes" a couple weeks ago, and she's hardly taken them off. Actually, for the first 48 hours or so, she didn't take them off. She begged me to let her sleep in them, and I was so ready for her to go to bed that night I finally relented - the third kid will do that to you! Besides, now we can tease her about it when she gets older :)

 3) The girls, all on their own, decided to have a lemonade stand! Only they didn't want to charge anyone, they just wanted to give it away (not the entrepreneurial spirit, I know!). Unfortunately, pretty much the only reason people go down our road is to get to the high school, and it was the middle of the school day. So we couldn't even GIVE the stuff away because no one came by! They were so bummed. Finally, we grabbed a kiddie grocery cart and made a 'traveling lemonade stand.' We went to neighbors' houses, including some just moving in that day, and made a few new friends.
Love my girls and our little adventures!

4) A friend and I made our first cake pops a few weeks ago for a wedding shower! Not perfect, but definitely the most crafty thing I've done in awhile that didn't need wiggly eyes glued to them.

5) And here we all are on Mother's Day - my one wish was for all 3 girls to wear matching outfits. They made me breakfast, cards, and macaroni necklaces, and Tom grilled ribs for lunch. The best part is that nearly every day since, Nattie has come up to me, given me a hug, and said, "Happy Mother's Day, Mama!" I'm guessing they must have practiced that a lot :)

Can you tell which one keeps me on my toes??
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  1. Wow - I'm very impressed by your cakepops! I have never attempted to make them but yours look great!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :)

  2. I've thought of trying the cake pop idea! I think they're adorable! The girls looked beautiful and I love the idea of a "traveling lemonade stand"! Stoppin by from the link up :)

  3. Lemonade stands are so much fun! It really makes me think it is summertime! You have been busy! I hope all is well! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen


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