Sunday, June 23

Home Again

Hi! You haven't heard as much from us lately with new schedules and activities and jobs to adjust to, trying to get back into the swing of things though. I thought I'd start with some highlight activities for our family the past few months, what we've been up to since our transition to AZ.


It's been great having more family time since we moved, especially on the weekends. We go hiking at least monthly, which is totally fun and addicting. I never get tired of the desert mountain view! The girls do great too, and we usually try to drag at least one or two people with us, so that's an added perk.

Hannah loves collecting rocks on our hikes! New rule: she carries them down herself :)

Phoenix Skyline

We also have fun doing "city" things we haven't ever really lived near before, like having a zillion movie theaters and restaurants to choose from, and more stores than I could visit in a year (although I'm trying!)

Our local dollar theater has was statues that Natalie likes to imitate.

Ok, maybe Nattie is slightly obsessed with mannequins and loves to pose with them..

For Christmas, Tom's aunt got us a year-long membership to the Phoenix Zoo too, and we've taken advantage of that several times... the girls never get tired of going!

Meeting Really Cool People

One of our favorite things to do since we moved to Phoenix is to host international students. We've had two from Japan now and one from China, plus a Korean exchange student we still keep in touch with from years ago. My girls love learning phrases in other languages and about different cultures right in their living room!

Our family with our first exchange student, Mutsumi. Miss her!
And for Hannah's birthday, we had the chance to attend a concert in Phoenix by an amazing singer-songwriter friend of ours, Bobby Jo Valentine, and he stayed with us for a couple days. Natalie was only slightly bummed when he didn't show up for her birthday last month, but he promised to come soon :)

We love living near Tom's aunts and uncles and cousins - lots more to come about them too. And of course, we do all the crazy things we used to do too - dressing up and having indoor picnics and swimming and just enjoying being together.


Our location may have changed, but our family is stronger than ever.  It was a difficult transition, but it didn't take us long to realize that home is where your family is, no matter where that may be. And we have come to love our home here in sunny Arizona! Thanks for reading :)

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