Sunday, December 1

Christmas Down the Road

Some Christmas down the road, my towering pine 
Will have matching ornaments, all in a line, 
And red ribbons cascading down tinsel of gold;
But that's some Christmas down the road.

On that same Christmas, my Nativity Scene won't come from Fisher Price, 
And no one will ask, "How long till Christmas?" more than once or twice.
No fingerprints in my fresh-baked fudge, no meltdowns from sugar overload -
But that's for some Christmas down the road.

That festive season yet to come will hold no reindeer ears 
Blocking my view of the Christmas parade, no childish games that end in tears.
No holiday parties with tokens or tickets, and no cheap "treasures" bestowed...
But that will be Christmas down the road.

This year, I'm holding on to the mistletoe kisses, 
My handmade crafts and those batter-smeared faces.
I'll take smudges, bad jokes, and a mismatched tree
If it means having Christmas again with these three.

You can have your resort - I'll take the parade,
And those ornaments that with such care were made;
Yes, I think I'm happiest in my current abode,
Even if I never see that "Christmas down the road."


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