Thursday, February 7

Don't Rock the Boat!!

That was the theme of the day, in more ways than one. "Can I sleep in your bed with my big girl panties AND a pull up?"
"Does it matter if Hannah likes to mix her bananas with her chicken noodle soup?"
"That's fine!"
"Can I drink a latte each morning instead of regular milk?"
"No problem!" (for the record, a latte at our house is a cup of milk with about a tablespoon of coffee, but it tastes MUCH better to a sophisticated three year old!)

As you can see, the empty laundry baskets (yea!) were the boats, terribly shaken before Jesus calmed the storm...I figure if I can't get any laundry done, we may as well make good use of the baskets! Happy Friday to everyone reading this...



  1. Hi there, all you cute and funny girlies! We loved watching and listening to Linsey sing! I think Grandpa got a bit misty-eyed.

    Looks like the best kind of fun to play in the baskets. Turn them over and have a zoo if the boat ever gets tiresome.

    Love to all!
    Gramma Cyndi


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