Saturday, February 2

A Good Excuse

Just when I was starting to really get into this blog thing a couple of weeks ago, my husband took the camera away so he could shoot some footage of his new hobby - skateboarding. So as soon as I get that back, I promise to update these pictures!

We had a great week of revival meetings at our church, although the evangelist's daughter got the flu and spread it to our family :) Christians really do "have all things common"! Linsey started getting sick while we were out of town on Tuesday. She looked really pale, so I asked her, "Linsey, are you not feeling good?" She said, "No, I think I"m getting carsick like Chan!" (We were fortunate enough to get an exchange student who gets carsick both in Korea and in America!) Sure enough, two days of yuckies followed, she's better but still "a little sick." A little emotional too - Tom asked her why she was bawling at naptime the other day, and she said, "I just need to cry in my bed for a little bit." He chalked it up to female hormones...hmmm, I wonder what those will be like in 10 years!

Have a great weekend!


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