Thursday, January 13

Happy Birthday, Linsey!

I walked right into it.  After surviving (and enjoying!) the busy Christmas season, I just didn't have the energy to throw Linsey a super-mega birthday party two weeks later, like we've done the past couple of years.  So I casually mentioned to her that maybe we could get a couple of her friends together to go to the movies and possibly sleep over. Well, a couple became three, then four, then six little kids in all...and I just had to write about our fun, in honor of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:"

If You Take Six Kids to the Movies

If you take six kids to the movies, they'll probably want to order some popcorn (a BIG one!).

If you divide the large popcorn evenly among six kids, you're going to need to get the free refill.

If you refill the large popcorn and continue to let the kids eat to their heart's content, they're going to be thirsty. Really thirsty.

If they get thirsty, you're either going to have to cough up a lot more money for soda, or fill up their six popcorn cups with water one at a time, which will take for-e-ver.

Once they've had a drink, they'll probably want some more popcorn (in the same cup).

If they want more popcorn, they will ultimately want more water, and on the cycle goes.

If you give six kids more water just so they'll stop asking, they'll eventually have to go to the bathroom.

And once you've taken six kids to the bathroom, you've probably missed most of the movie. But no one else noticed, and you don't really mind.

If you go to McDonald's afterwards, they'll probably be too full of popcorn to eat a Happy Meal, but you'll order them each one anyway, because they want the neat-looking toys.

But even if they're full of popcorn and playing with toys, six kids can still sing Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs, and eat lots of cake.

And if six kids eat lots of cake, they're going to crash on the way home (ok, I was lucky).

And if they crash on the way home, and you actually make it home in one tattered piece...

ALWAYS remember to put the leftover birthday cake out of the baby's reach!! 

And if they had even half as much fun as you did, they're going to ask if you'll take six kids to the movies again next year! And maybe McDonald's, too =)

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