Thursday, January 6

True Love's Kiss

"Mama, Grandma and Grandpa sure love each other," Linsey, our 5-year old, said out of the blue one day.

"Yes, honey, they sure do," I replied.

"Sometimes I even see them kiss!" she added, giggling.  Then she thought for a minute, "But I see you and Daddy kiss a lot more than they do."

"Well, Daddy and I are younger than they are.  Plus, you're around us a lot more - you see Daddy and me all the time!"

"Yeah," she interrupted, "And you want us to see what true love looks like, for when we grow up and get married, right??"


I've thought about that little conversation so many times this past week.  The profound thoughts that come from our kids...the fact that they understand so much more than we think they do.  But mostly, the realization that my little girl is intentionally looking to US to see what true love looks like!!  And what she learns from our marriage will have a huge impact on the kind of marriage she has one day.

While I'm not nearly ready to think about my little girl getting married (glad I have a few years!), this conversation has inspired me lately.  When I'm tempted to lose my temper or complain about something, a little voice inside me whispers, "Is this what true love looks like?  Do you really want your kids to remember this about you?"  

I know they won't remember me as the perfect mom - I wouldn't even want them to try!  But by God's grace, I do hope to show them a little bit of what true love looks like, by loving my husband and family the way God loves me...completely and unconditionally.

And by showering them with lots of kisses :)


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  1. What a precious conversation with your daughter & a wonderful reminder to all of us!! Thanks!


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