Friday, May 27

Chef School I

My girls love to help me cook, and I have great memories of helping my mom in the kitchen. Determined to carry on the tradition, I started Chef School with the kiddos a few weeks ago. My husband, who is a pastor, is busy at church most of the weekend, so it's the perfect time to get messy, and there's no time crunch. We always have a bunch of people over on Sunday night, so the girls help me cook on Saturday. (They help at other times too, but I plan to use this time to teach specific skills.)

Project #1 - Peeling potatoes

Someone gave us 15 pounds of potatoes that needed to be used fast. So, aprons on and peelers in hand, garbage bags laid out on the grass, we set to work. I taught them to peel away from their bodies, just like I learned, to minimize accidents. My oldest peeled 5, the middle peeled 1, and I peeled about 453. But it was so much fun spending that time together! Look for more Chef School posts coming soon!

P.S. Click here for our favorite make ahead mashed potato recipe. It's delicious!

Even my toddler got in on the action :)

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  1. I love your idea of chef school!!! and great action shots:-)


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