Monday, May 9

Little Things

The older I get, the more I realize it's the little memories that make life so sweet, not just the big events and milestones. Here are some of our fun "little things" lately for this Miscellany Monday

~ I had such a nice Mother's Day - Linsey made me a picture, Hannah made me a craft in Sunday School, and Natalie sang "Happy Birthday to You" for me all day. Today has been even better - Tom made me breakfast and we're going out to sushi tomorrow!

~We are in the process of hatching ladybugs and caterpillars - Hannah's dresser looks like a science fair. According to my observations, these insects eat and eat until they're about 3 times their normal size, curl up and sleep for a week or two, and emerge with new bodies.  All I can say is, Where do I sign up??

~ My 2-year old is Dora-obsessed. She watches it so intently that she mixes English and Spanish words. She'll point at a door, stare at it, and say, "Abre!" to open it, just like Dora. When I call her name, she doesn't say yes, she says "Si?" She calls Daddy "Poppy." She can count in Spanish, too - other moms think I'm this super-educating nut, but really I'd be happy if I could just understand her English...

~ It's hit 90 a couple times lately, so the other day we got out our kiddie pool and the girls spent all afternoon in it while I cleaned the garage. They loved it!

~ We ordered bikes for our older girls, and I spent 4 hours on Friday trying to assemble them. (I am so not a "handyman woman!") On Linsey's bike, I was sure the pedal was the wrong size. Linsey was crying that she would never ride her bike, so in desperation, I jammed a metal chopstick where the pedal went an duct-taped it on. When I told her she to ride her bike, she just looked at me. "Uhh...I don't wanna ride that, Mama...I'm afraid one of my friends will see me and laugh at me!" She smiled, "You and your crazy ideas..." Ironically, my husband said the same thing when he got home, and he had both bikes fixed in about 10 minutes, after I cried on his shoulder. What a guy!

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