Sunday, October 2

Field Trips

Everyone knows the best part of school is going on field trips! Between teacher meetings, appointments, and even a couple of planned educational activities, our school year so far has been packed with fun places to go.

The kids loved these carved trees at a nearby park!
Nattie climbing her first tree... stump :)

My kids are enrolled in a virtual online academy that uses the K12 curriculum. It's creative, innovative, challenging and fun. I love that the school organizes (optional) activities and field trips for the kids to do. They also let us know about businesses in our area that offer homeschooling events, such as Six Flags, Legoland, and the local Performing Arts Center. (if you homeschool, these are worth checking out!) We couldn't possibly attend every event, but a few weeks ago we had a great time a school-sponsored park day where the kids got to make their own t-shirts, eat ice cream, and just have fun!

2nd field trip: A nearby library has a huge booksale twice a year. There was an entire wall of kids books at $.25 apiece! Most other books are $.50, which is still a great deal! The kids sat and looked at books for the longest time and each walked out with a bag full. We won't even talk about how many books the mommies bought!! If you've never attended one of these, just google "used book sales in [your area]. You can get some great deals!

Aren't they a studious bunch??

So I'm looking for ideas... whether you homeschool or not, what are some of your favorite field trips for elementary-aged kids?

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