Thursday, October 20

Science Fun

School is really rolling along, as you can see. :)

Having 7 kids together (I do a co-op with a friend) from 6 months to 8 years old is challenging, but the kids are having a great time, and so are we.

First grade is studying weather right now, and I just had to share these cute devices we made!

The first one is a weather vane. I was so suprised that it actually worked!! You can find directions for a similar vane here, though ours didn't call for the plastic cup. It was really easy!

The second device is an anemometer, used for measuring wind speed. Directions are very basic:

1. Tape 2 straws together to make an "x."
2. Punch a hole in each styrofoam or plastic cup about an inch away from the top.
3. Poke a straw end through each cup about an inch or so, bend, and secure with tape to the inside of cup. Be sure cups are all facing the same direction.
4. Push a tack through the center of the straws (where the "x" is formed) and push gently into the eraser of an unused pencil just far enough to secure. Straws should spin easily when blown.

The kids love going out and recording the weather using devices they've made, and I feel like a cross between Handy Manny and Martha Stewart - it's great!!

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