Sunday, April 1

Girl Time = Spa Days

People often ask me (or more often my husband!) what it's like raising a houseful of girls. So I thought it would be fun to do a few posts about our everyday adventures, called "Girl Time."

At the top of my list of fun "girly" things to do are Spa Days. We've been to a "real nail place" once or twice, but usually it's funner - and cheaper - to indulge ourselves at home.
Manicures and pedicures are a must, at least weekly around here.

 (Natalie got a little excited about "tainting" her nails while I was working at church...)

Our oldest is super creative and is really good at nails. She enjoys helping her sisters with theirs too.

 And the girls LOVE it when I let them do a facial mask with me! I love it too, but probably for a different reason. For me, it's a guaranteed 10 minutes of quiet... I tell them the mask only works if they don't talk :) 

 And that's our Spa Day! What kinds of things do you like to do with your girls?


  1. How fun is this!!! I love that you do the facials with them too. Too funny that it only works with no talking though:-) We do lots of nail stuff around here too. I just bought a new nail painting thingamajig at Walmart for us to play with too!!!

  2. Your girls are so cute! It's a good habit to spend time with your daughters so that they'll know how important it is to take care of their bodies at an early age. The no-talking-or-the-mask-won't-work thing made me laugh!

  3. A house full of girls is a house full of fun! It was a nice trick to make them lie down and be quiet for a moment. Kids do have lots of energy. Sometimes, they’re practically unstoppable. I know that seeing your daughters happy made your spa day more fulfilling.

    -Tanisha Condit

  4. What a great way to spend time with the kids! Some children get excited when they hear about spa day because it is the time they can do what the grownups. Your kids look like they had fun! And by the way, the don’t-talk-while-the-mask-is-on-your-face thing is a great idea to control the energy of the kids!


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