Wednesday, February 3

Turning 5

Happy birthday, Linsey!
Marshmallow Snowball Fight

Musical blankets - everyone wins!
Minnie, Minnie, Mouse!
My poor attempt at cake decorating - chocolate covered espresso beans and altoids!!

Linsey was so excited for her birthday! We had a Minnie Mouse party, invited 12 kids, and had 16 show up. It was great!! We hid paper "cheese" slices all around the yard to find, we had a snowball fight with marshmallows, played big ball soccer, and a bunch more. And Linsey got to have a friend sleep over for the first time. Phew!! Below are a few highlights in pictures.

Now that she's five, Linsey thinks: 1) She's too big for a cup with a lid, 2) She should be able to wear red lipstick, and 3) She's on her way to the high school across the street from our house. She wishes it were her birthday every day and is already planning for birthdays 6, 7, and 8. This mommy is pretty glad birthdays are only once a year!!!

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