Thursday, February 25

Deliciously Funny

"I'm a hula cook!!"

So I'm realizing that one of the reasons baby #3's "cushioning" has stuck to me for so long is that I'm in the kitchen ALL the time. And I pretty much only bake treats when we have company, but we've been having company, like, nonstop lately. Thus, cookie dough, cake batter, nonstop...need I say more? So anyway, I thought instead of baking the homemade Twix recipe I got from a friend's website, and instead of exercising, I'd give you the funny quotes of the week:

"Wow, that smells like burning animal bones!" (Thank you, L - that's dinner...)

"Mama, I pee peed on my sheep. [sheet]" (H, very bravely confessing)

"What is that meat paint in your hand?" "That's bbq sauce." "Oh...why do you paint meat with it?"

"Do you think when you die, me and Buddy can live here? After we get married, I mean..."

"I'm so sorry, Mommy! My spoon spilled it!"

"Did you know another word for tootie is fart?" (I kept it from her for 5 years!!)

"I love you sooooo much, Mother Goose! I don't want anything to happen to you." (H is totally affectionate, albeit morbid)


  1. I'm so impressed that you kept that word from Linsey for so long. With a big brother, Bekah has known way too many inappropriate words way too early.

  2. Now that Alaina is all over my 'puter everything has her ID on it. I'm here - - just anonymous. ;P
    So good to know that I'm not the only mom who has had such dumb things said about my cooking! LOL!
    Praying that you get one like Eric that can woo the cook better than anything.
    (smootch) Gramma Cyndi


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