Thursday, April 8

Breaking News

Suspect, known on the streets as Bully Baby,

was apprehended with this weapon in hand

 at an undisclosed, private location several days ago.

Big Daddy, the undercover parenting agent who made the arrest, comments:

"We've suspected [Bully Baby] of foul play for quite awhile, always sneaking around when she thinks no one is looking.  But this time we caught her in the act - fishing without a license is a serious offense around here.  I had to drag her out, kicking and screaming, and there were plenty of witnesses.  She won't be getting away with this again."

Bully Baby tried to make an escape just hours later, but was again apprehended and is now safely behind bars.  She declined to comment at this time.  Stay tuned for the latest, up-to-date information.  We're the only ones following this story.  Really.

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  1. This one sounds suspiciously amphibious! Check between her toes! LOL <3
    gramma cyndi


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