Thursday, April 22

Our House Rules

Yes, I thought of that title with a double meaning all by myself :)

My husband was putting the older girls to bed while I got the baby down one night.  When I came out, Linsey (5) had left this cryptic message, translated, "I love you but I have to go to bed!"  We have some pretty solid bedtime rules around our house, and though occasionally contested, they're pretty much followed.

Actually, I've been thinking about it the past few days, and we have a lot of random rules, probably because our kids are so little.  That's what I'm hoping, anyway.  I was listening to a sermon that said if everyone is on the same page and going the same direction, you don't have to have many rules.  Long story short, we're not there yet, but we keep trying!  So here's a peek into our household of random rules, most of which were made on the spot during important life lesson opportunities, or teachable moments:

1)  No hugging in the bathtub (near drowning experience)

2)  No eating after you've brushed your teeth for the night.  Except for string cheese. (I'm pretty sure the dentist would agree with this one?  It's portable, doesn't have much sugar, doesn't make crumbs in bed, and stops the whining)

3) No singing at the table (Tom is determined we are NOT a musical family!  Plus, this gets really annoying)

4) You must stay in bed in the morning until there is an 8 on your clock (problem:  We just moved Hannah to a room with no digital clock, and she quickly realized there is always an 8 on the face clock!)

5) You can only snuggle with Daddy on the couch AFTER you've taken your wet pull-up off in the morning. (he's had to change more than once before leaving for work)

6) You can get out of bed by yourself twice to go to the bathroom (had to set a limit - Hannah's been getting out like every 10 minutes!  Tom too.  Just kidding.)

7) There is no single owner of toys.  They are community property.  Unless you get one for your birthday, then it is yours for one week before becoming community property. (the birthday person always gets to play with it first though)  Or unless it is electronic - then it's probably Daddy's.

8) Always always, always wipe. Please.  Then wash your hands. With soap.

So am I the only one with these Nazi-like rules, or does anyone else have some to share??

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  1. LOL! I love some of your rules.

    Ours all grew out of necessity or comfort of others in the house, as well.

    I would love to have everyone in the home all moving in the same direction at once. Maybe when I'm alone. NEVERMIND!! I'll continue to enjoy my chaotic household. ;)

    gramma c


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