Monday, April 12

Sisters, Sisters

Lately I have just been overwhelmed watching these amazing, tiny little people God has entrusted me with.  I thank the Lord with them every night that I get to be their mommy.  They are so different from one another, yet the family ties are unmistakable.  It's interesting now, having 2 that can converse fairly well.  I've been catching snips of their conversations when they don't know I'm listening - shh!  You might hear something too -

L:  Hannah, you be the baby birdie, ok?
H:  Okayyyy!
L:  Now I'm the mama bird, and I'm going to sit on your head. (what a setup that was!)
H:  No!  That will hurt me!
L:  But that's what all mama birds have to do, watch! [muffled screams]
L:  There!  That wasn't so bad, was it?
H:  That was soooooo scareme! (scary + scared me, it's hannah-speak)
L:  Then I guess you can be a princess.
H: I don't wanna be a princess!
L:  Then you a puppy!
H:  Ruff!  Ruff!

H:  I heard "stupid" on Toy Story. (only she says sooooopid)
L:  No, Hannah, you can't say that!
H:  Why not?
L:  I don't know, but only grown ups are allowed to say that.  It's like "shut up."  Only grown ups can say that, too.
H:  Ohkayyyy

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