Sunday, October 3

I Mean, Literally


When we had our first daughter, we knew we had done something right.  Linsey was a wonderful baby, she began using complete sentences around 18 months, and she would sit for half an hour or more, just looking at books.

Then Hannah came along.  A colicky baby, she was still using caveman grunts at age 2 to communicate.  And even now, at three and a half, she falls out of her chair at least once a day because "my body can't stop wiggling!"  She's also our sensitive thinker, our best snuggler, and she keeps me laughing all day long.  One reason she's so funny is because she thinks very literally.   The other day I heard her (literally) bouncing off the walls after bedtime, so I headed for her room.  I saw a pink blur dash for the covers and lie down innocently.  "Hannah," I said sternly, "were you jumping on the bed?"

"No," she said seriously, "my feet just were tired of lying down."  The next day, she weedled all over her bed "because you told me not to get up for ANYTHING!"  Sigh.  What to do?!?

Earlier this summer we flew to Chicago for vacation.  As we were getting our luggage, Hannah announced she had to go potty, even though she had just gone (this is what bouncing does to toddlers).  Tired and slightly irritable, I told her she needed to hold it for awhile.  A minute later, I looked up as she grabbed her bum and danced frantically, "I'm holding it, Mama, but I still gotta go!!"  That's what happened, literally.


  1. Seems the "baby" is always the most, um.."energetic"! I think God plans it that way on purpose! ;)

  2. Always love reading your blog...even though I mostly play catch up weeks at a time right now! the last 2 posts so cute! hope you are doing well! :)

  3. That is the reat thing about life, we are all unique. All that energy will one day become an Olympic star or dancer or whatever her heart would like! Great post and your girls are so cute! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  4. Hahaha, that is so funny - the feet being tired so she had to start jumping! I can't wait to hear what my kids will come up with (though I'm in no rush... still enjoying my baby!). She is just gorgeous! And that hair... {sigh} Love!


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