Sunday, October 24

The Swindler

Linsey, the oldest of our three girls, has the natural ability to make things go her way.  I will often give she and her sister a snack or a prize, then, the next time I turn around, Linsey has convinced Hannah to trade.  Or do Linsey's chores for her.  Or give her the rest of her candy.  She can talk her into anything.  The funny thing is, like most younger siblings, Hannah seems happy with her servitude most of the time.

What Linsey doesn't understand is why this same method doesn't work on adults - namely, me.  The other day, while looking through a magazine, she saw the "mini me" dolls, and decided she had to have one for Christmas (her list has been on the fridge since September).  Blond hair, blue eyes, freckles, matching outfits - what's not to love?  Our conversation went like this:  "Please, Mom??  It's what I REALLY REALLY want!"

"You don't even like dolls!"

"That's because I don't have this one!  I would love this one!"

"If I got you that for Christmas, or your birthday (two weeks later), it would be the ONLY present you would get.  I don't think you'd like that; your list is pretty long."

Cue water works.  "Could I get this doll AND something else?"

"No...actually, if you REALLY want it, that would probably be the ONLY thing you'd get for Christmas AND your birthday!  Is that what you want?"

Linsey slowly shook her head and cried.  She thought for a long time, then sighed in defeat, "Can I just get it for Thanksgiving then?" 

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