Wednesday, March 2

Art Debut

Our older girls, 3 and 6, were so excited to have their artwork featured in a local art show last night!  For being a small town, we have some amazing talent. So all day, the girls kept reminding me, "Don't forget about the art show, Mom!!" and, "What time is it? Is that close to 6?"

When we arrived, we were led to two rooms filled with different paintings and sculptures from local artists. The first thing the hostess told us was to look carefully around at all the artwork, because we all got to vote for our favorite artist. Linsey's eyes got huge. Then cookies were mentioned, and Hannah's eyes got huge. I took her to get one, and Linsey wandered away for a few minutes. She came back really excited and whispered in my ear, "Mom, let's go vote! I looked at all the pictures, and I'm my favorite artist!" And that's when I knew she was destined to be famous...don't all great talents think their work is the best? :)

Linsey had a giant card and a basket of fruit displayed

"Polka Dots" by Hannah :)

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  1. Narcissistic, confident oldest sister . . . I knew I loved that girl! What a blast!


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