Monday, March 14

Lovin' Life

We've had such a busy, fun week, I just had to share a few highlights:

1 ~ We just had a big birthday party for Hannah, who turns 4 this week.  I mean, 18 little people running around my house and eating everything in sight. It was chaos, and I loved it! I had a bunch of creative games planned, but by far their favorite was "Monkey, Monkey, Banana," like duck-duck-goose only they tagged each other with an inflatable monkey. Next time I'll stick to the classics!

Holy cow, it's MY birthday?!?
 2 ~ My sister bought me a Sneaky Chef cookbook awhile back, and I am totally addicted. It's all about sneaking veggies into regular recipes. I've added pureed carrots to orange chicken, pureed cauliflower to tuna salad, and sweet potato to french toast, all with great results! Even my husband is "willingly ignorant" and has enjoyed the new recipes, as long as I don't tell him what's in them. There are some free recipes and tons of resources from the author here.

3 ~ I scored an amazing deal at for an overnight getaway with my husband, which we're taking in a couple weeks. It's an awesome bed and breakfast and two top-notch meals, all for under $100!  Can't wait! If you aren't signed up, you should definitely check it out. They send you offers for great deals in your area - I've gotten everything from sushi restaurants to Gap coupons and even photobooks at a great price.  I've heard about other sites like this, does anyone know of another one? 

4 ~ On top of the party Saturday, we had friends over on Friday and about 20 people over after church last night. I wanted to kick Mr. Daylight Savings time out the window this morning! My sole motivation for getting up and going to the gym was Linsey's giggle the other day, "Mommy, your tummy jiggles when you pat it!" Talk about perspective =)

May your tummy jiggle with laughter too, as you remember how blessed you are. Have a great week!!

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  1. Adorable blog!
    I'm a new follower from the hop!
    Hope you can follow back!

    I'll be having a Smashbox giveaway starting 3/15. Hope you'll enter!

  2. Oh my.,...there are many of us lamenting about that time switch...including me! I'm in total agreement. It's simply unfair. :)

    And I'm going to have to look into that cookbook.

  3. Thanks for joining Mingle Monday this week! My little girl just turned 4 on Saturday! Such a fun age!!! Have a great week!


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