Sunday, March 6


Ever feel like this?

After having 3 little girls in 4 years, I relate too well to this overused, unappreciated little fairy. I have days when nothing seems to go right, when it seems like everyone I know has conspired to make me as frustrated as they can.

When I feel that way, I've found it's usually because I'm giving out more than I'm taking in. So I stop and evaluate what is making me "lose my head," so to speak. And it's probably more than just the spilled drink that set me off. Maybe I'm physically exhausted from being up at night with a sick kid. Or I haven't made time to relax because I'm so busy taking care of the needs of others. Often when I'm busy, my time with God doesn't scream quite as loudly as my children do, so He gets pushed to the bottom of my list. Then I feel guilt on top of the stress I already have.

Once I pinpoint what is making me stressed, I take steps to resolve it. Fast. Because no one wants to be around a grumpy mommy. If I'm worn out physically, I've learned that the most spiritual thing I can do is to take a nap. When I go for weeks reading only books by Dr. Seuss and hearing "The Map" sing its little heart out, I make plans to do something I love, without feeling guilty. I'll look at old photos, run a bubble bath and soak, or read a magazine.

And when the Holy Spirit convicts me that I've put other concerns before God, I readily confess it and ask Him to help me do better. Because He deserves it. And because the best days I have are when I seek Him first...I'm often amazed at how my to-do list falls into place after I've taken care of my #1 priority. And on those days when things don't go my way, I'm much better equipped to handle them after I've spent time with my Savior.

Matthew 6:33 
"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; 
and all these things shall be added unto you."

What are some ways that you like to "de-stress?"


  1. TOO true! I love to sing -- loudly -- preferably while outside on a walk. We also do the "thankfulness ABCs," where we think of things to praise God for (one for each letter of the alphabet). Keeping the big-picture focus on God and His glory makes the struggles of life much smaller.

  2. liz, this is a great post and i can totally relate! my favorite way to de-stress is to go to the beach and lay in the sun for a couple hours. i think i have done that once in the last year... but it really is my favorite. now that i've weaned levi of his day time feeds, i'm hoping to sneak in a few of those solo beach trips for myself before baby #2 comes. and of course there's sleep. always sleep..... :)


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