Thursday, September 23

Why I Love My Job

When I saw this writing prompt from Mama Kat, I knew I had to jump in. After all, I think I have the best job in the world! Well, most days, anyway. Here are a few thoughts on the perks of being a stay-at-home mommy:

1. PDA: Most companies have a strict policy on public displays of affection. At my place, though, the more affection I show, the better! I am the executive boo boo kisser, toddler cuddler, make-it-all-better hugger. I even get to give the CEO a big kiss when he comes in. It doesn't get much better than that!

2. Permanent maternity leave: Working women have 8 or 12 weeks at the most to go back to work after they have a baby, reluctantly leaving their little ones and the comforts of home. But my job began when I had a baby, and I may never leave home again! If you've had little ones, you know what I mean!  I consider it a long-term vacation :)

3. Surprises: One of the big complaints in an ordinary ol' job is that it gets monotonous over time. The same work, day in, day out. I NEVER have two days alike! My girls are great at leaving me little "surprises" - on the floor, in their diapers, on my clothes - to ensure that I am always on my toes.  And that I am never, ever bored.

4. Choosing your boss: Usually, you when you apply for a job, you don't have a say in who you work for.  However, not only did I choose the bosses I have, I got to name them - Linsey, Hannah, and Natalie!  Don't those sound like great people to work for??

5.  Forms of entertainment at work:  Mainstream companies also generally frown upon using company time to catch up on personal email, watch television, or just veg out in general.  But in my world, the more cartoons I watch with my little bosses, or spend time with them coloring or playing a game, the cooler they think I am!  This is the life...

6.  No experience necessary:  I quickly realized that I didn't know a thing about being a mom when I started, despite the volumes of books I had read!  But that's okay - babies really don't care, and being a mom provides tons of on-the-job training.  Of course, most of it is at 3 am or in the grocery store with a screaming toddler, but it's training nonetheless.  And, despite having 16 years of schooling prior to becoming a mom, my job has currently taken me back to studying kindergarten curriculum, just for fun.

7.  Pets:  I know people have to leave their furry friends at home when they go to work, but most days, I feel like I work in a zoo!  And when my kids aren't acting like strange little creatures, we've had six fish, a turtle, and a guinea pig in the mix.  Now we're upgrading to a puppy, and I NEVER have to be away from these animals - life is fun!!

8.  Naptime:  Without a doubt, naptime is one of the biggest perks of being a mommy.  I get paid the same (let's not talk about salary though) whether my kids are awake or asleep.  So for at least an hour - okay half an hour - every day, the younger ones rest and the older ones have quiet time, and I actually get to lie down and have it semi-quiet, especially with those earplugs I ordered!

9.  Job security:  At a time where inflation and unemployment are on the rise, I'm glad to know my job is secure.  As long as I am a mom, I have a job!  Strangely, no one seems to even be in competition with me for my position.  Now that kind of security is hard to come by :)      

10.  Favoritism:  As a stay-at-home wife/mom, every day, I get to make the people I love most (my family) the happiest I can, without an outside job competing for my attention.  I do this by cooking meals they like (hopefully), making sure they have clean clothes, and just taking care of their needs so they know how much I love them.  Though it can be challenging, I can't think of any job I'd rather have than being a mommy...except maybe being a daddy!



  1. I really enjoyed reading this!!! I love being a mommy too! :)

  2. This is *such* a cute post! Your daughters will love reading this years from now :) You are so blessed to be home with them and I love how you count your blessings! Adorable pictures too!


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