Monday, September 13

Home Sweet School

 We started our second year of homeschooling a few weeks ago, and we love it!  
This year we're using a virtual charter academy called K12 (click here for website). Basically, it means that Linsey is enrolled in an online charter school, and I am the "moderator."

Several people have asked me about the program, so I thought I'd go into a little detail:
- I am responsible to teach my daughter the material, but the company sends me EVERYTHING I need (including clay, tempera paint, a globe, you name it!) for free, just as a traditional public school would provide.

- They provide day-by-day lesson plans according to your child's needs along with teacher guides explaining exactly HOW to teach each lesson. So many great ideas!  Very strong educational base even in kindergarten, but still fun.

 Cinderella and her "glass" slippers

- I enter all attendance, test scores, etc., online, and they keep the records. This helps tremendously with the amount of paperwork I am responsible for, and my prep time is less than half an hour each day.

- K12 has a tremendous support system set up.  Each child is assigned a teacher who checks in frequently to make sure everything is going smoothly.  I send this teacher samples of Linsey's work for her to observe.  I can also call or email whenever I have a question, and I had a lot of those at first!  The teacher ALWAYS got back to me within a day.

- Linsey loves that a lot of her work, even in kindergarten, is done online with games, short videos, etc.  It really keeps her attention.

This program requires a lot of accountability from the parents, which some homeschooling parents understandably do not like.  However, I have no problems with it and feel good knowing that I have help to turn to whenever I need it.  It also does not include a Bible curriculum, but we supplement our own each morning before doing the rest of our schoolwork.  With the time it saves me and the peace of mind it gives me as a new homeschooling mom, it's a perfect fit for our family. 

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