Thursday, September 22

Friendship Lessons

On a recent vacation to the Grand Canyon, we had the chance to visit a local deer farm. It was incredible (and slightly overwhelming at times!) to be so close to so many deer at once! Along the way, the girls picked up some important lessons about friendship as well:

1. Apparently, a kiss on the hand is not a universal sign of affection.

2. Sharing food is a sure way to win friends...

and more friends...but

3. You can definitely have too much of a good thing!

4. Always look new acquaintances in the eye, for safety reasons.

5. A good friend will respect your personal space,

while others are just downright nosy.

6. It's ok to be different, you won't (and shouldn't) always blend in.

7. If your real friends aren't working out so well,

then find some imaginary ones.

8. And finally, to test a friend's loyalty...

 grab their tail and give it a good tug!
(Go ahead, I DARE you!!)

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